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Nov 18, 2013

Rutino Scalo

How did I end up here? I like to find out of the way places, but this one takes the cake!

I was looking for a rental, NOT a vacation type home that provides all the necessities of everyday life, but I needed furniture. Did you know that here in Italy, many rentals come as an empty shell? I mean, without a kitchen! I can't believe that people are obliged to rent space, but own their fridge, oven, kitchen sink and whatever else they need or want in their kitchen.

Anyway, I was looking and this place seemed perfect. Quiet town in nature perfect for my dog...from the pictures it looked like it had a view. Yes, it does...of the roof of the old school and church and a literal stones throw (my piddly arm strength too) from the train tracks. But one doesn't show that when they are trying to generate interest, now do they?

Luckily, from inside I don't see this while I am at my desk, BUT I still hear those trains go by. Now I know what type is going by just from the sound they make. Boy am I good!

If I hadn't been desperate and anxious to find a place, I might not have taken it. So here I am, experiencing life as it was back in the day, which means, there is no heating installed, just a little fireplace and single pane windows. I must be insane!

Diana, the three-legged dog and the neighborhood thief.
There are seven or eight families that live on the street. That's it!
The station is now closed so there is little traffic, but likewise, no cafe, no stores, no nothing. Luckily, Omignano Scalo is not far, Vallo Scalo is a little further but better (especially parking-wise) and Vallo della Lucania might be considered the hub.



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