Oct 26, 2013

The Republic of San Marino

Famous not only because it is a separate country right in the middle of Italy but also because Valentino Rossi, from MotoGP fame, was born here.

I wanted to visit for quite some time and since I had the opportunity, the suitcase and my four-legged friend  were loaded into the car and we were off for our adventure.

Would you be surprised if I told you it was situated high up on a hill?

 I like to think about what life was like when this castle was in it's hey day. It was amazing.

There's a well maintened path that runs from tower to tower, past some cafes and a few of them have awesome views.
Piazza della Libertà
 And because I love doors...this one is not old an full of character, but I liked the composition all the same.


Oct 25, 2013

Jumping Back In

Almost two years silence. 

If I were to answer my own question to my blog “Where does this lead?” I’d have to say figuratively and literally speaking, “Through narrow, winding roads, dark tunnels and steep hills.”

It wasn’t a journey that I’d anticipated – love is indeed blind – but in the end, it was one of self discovery and self love…still is. The romance with the human fizzled and almost went out and I tear up now, not because of that, but because I am touched that once again Mother Nature, in the form of Italy and a four-legged companion came to the rescue. The romance with Italy flourished, as I found myself once again trodding on new ground, exploring old villages, my spirit in tune with the muted melody of ancient secrets hidden in the stones themselves. Can a land nurture? Yes, when eyes fall on beauty around almost every curve and a disheartened spirit can’t help but feel grateful and tranquil. 

And the physical romance continues. There is something there, strong and passionate that even though diminished with a certain burden during these two years, managed to remain lit. Forgiveness, acceptance, patience and who knows what else, was part of the difficult equation that fanned an ember back into a flame. 

While I am still curious as to where this Romance will lead, I’ll leave some tracks as to where it just took me. 

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