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Oct 17, 2011

We've had unusually warm weather for October but lately the mercury is having trouble edging up past 50 F if even that.  I've discovered that one of the more effective ways of chasing away sleep is to get into a freezing bed. Seeing I don't have warm flannel sheets, I believe it's time for other bed warming measures.

Not listed in order of preference or availability:
1. Brick heated in a fireplace and wrapped in cloth to protect sheets.
2. Large plastic detergent bottle filled with hot water. Dad puts several of these on mom's side of the bed, perhaps because he goes to sleep before she does and she used to use the...
3. Hairdryer
4. Lover, but make them get in first.
5. Electric blanket.

For a step back in time, the container below was heated and used by the Walser's (early German immigrants to the upper Valsesia) as an iron to warm the sheets.



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