All Saints Day ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 31, 2011

All Saints Day

There is a great article already written in Italy Magazine on All Saints Day or All Souls Day so I rather direct the attention there than write about it again.

I remember going for a motorbike ride a couple years back, before I realized just how celebrated this day is in Italy and was extremely thankful we were on two wheels. It enabled us to pass all the cars making their way through clogged narrow streets heading to pay the expected visit at the various cemeteries.

If my first impression of this ritual was to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of people making their pilgrimage, I was unprepared for the magic that night when we were heading back home.

Every cemetery was lit up from the dancing flames on candles set before each tomb. Every flickering light proclaimed a love for someone and it was intense having such a visual declaration from so many at once.



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