Satellite debris to fall over Italy ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 23, 2011

Satellite debris to fall over Italy

NASA and other organizations have calculated that lovely Italy ranks highest as the possible recipient of America's space debris. First McDonalds and now UARS!  They estimate the defunct satellite will enter the earth's atmosphere sometime today.

Although they anticipate debris will fall somewhere over central to north Italy, (not near to me) I have the news on so I'll know. I'm unusually curious about this satellite that will disintegrate and leave bits and pieces of itself in Italy. Well, until NASA comes to gather all the pieces.

Perhaps it's my romantic imagination running off with me, thinking that even mindless metal would leave the lazy silence of space, endure the blazing heat upon re-entry if only to have a few parts touch Italian soil.

Enough of that...

(photo from wikipedia)


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