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Aug 29, 2011

Upstaged by a dog

This is all about Tala, the socialite. Let me back-up a little. I am somewhat of a recluse; I like my alone time and although I am a socialized individual, if I had the choice to be with people or alone, I'd choose the latter.

Well, I have to say good-bye to all that if I decide to go out with her. She attracts people like a magnet and I am forced to chit-chat while she gets all the cuddling and caresses.

A couple days ago we were tossing her favorite toy, the Frisbee, into the water to swim after or across the sand where she'd leap and catch it. A mother and her two kids took a fairly good walk, from the other side of the bay, to talk to us and play a little. Today I saw them again on the beach and Tala, knowing just how much those kids like her, went over to their umbrella, uninvited, and dropped the Frisbee at the little boys feet waiting for him to toss it. Then she did it for each one in the family while I just stood there doing the small talk. Why do I get the hard part?

But what amazed me, is that animal sense that I know exists, but have never seen in action until today. She "knew" the little boy was dying to play with her but didn't say anything. She included everyone, although it was obvious she had a favorite, the dad, who tossed it just the way she liked it.  By the way, she excluded me.


I guess I feel awed by this demonstration of friendliness because I know I hesitated to go on the beach with her when I saw the family car parked where I usually go. I was the one who didn't want to "play" but went grudgingly, knowing I should say hello. And although she doesn't know it, she showed me up by openly embracing each one of them and giving them what they wanted...the opportunity to connect and interact with another living being, albeit or perhaps especially, a dog.

I am again reminded, and probably will take the rest of my life to learn, that it is really in giving that we live our finest moments. 



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