Sunrise over Riace Marina ~ Romancing Italy

Aug 24, 2011

Sunrise over Riace Marina

This morning I rose early enough to see my living room tinged in red. I love sleeping with the balcony doors wide open so in the stillness of the early morning, the only "movement" is the fiery red tint on the chestnut wood cupboard and brown leather sofa slowly fading into light.

View from the balcony doors off from the kitchen. In addition to this wonderful visual experience, a moment later, the room was filled with the scent of fresh coffee.

Every morning these fishermen, with their very individual style go out to the beach where I take Tala and drop their nets. Talk about having sea legs!

Now that the enchanting sun-kissed moment is over, it's time to close the shutters to keep out that once lovely sun. These days are muggy, with the hot African heat coming in over the Mediterranean but hardly a breeze to cool off. Believe me, Tala isn't too keen on it. She's happiest near to the water, sitting under the umbrella and watching seagulls, or chasing after her Frisbee....near to the water.


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