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Aug 4, 2011

Stages of life

One impressive bloom and then kaput for this particular cactus

After 10 days of playing house alone with my wonderful four legged friend, A has finally joined me. Despite bad weather, he packed his motorbike yesterday, pointed it south and is currently crashed out after dealing with many hours of traffic and a short night's sleep.

He overnighted in Battipaglia and hoped for a good night's sleep before hitting the road again. But August is a month of festivity and having fun and celebrating until the wee, WEE hours of the morning. And some happy-go-lucky teenager happened to reserve the ball room that happened to be below A's room in order to party in honor of his 18th birthday. Poor A didn't sleep until after 2am.

I suppose if I were a teenager, I'd understand but I've reached another stage of life where my sleep is extremely, it's more like I just can't stay up until all hours of the morning, even if I were having fun. My body has changed, my mind has changed and although I'd say I've matured, it's really a part of growing older. A passage of life.

I hope I accept growing older gracefully. I notice the animal and plant world don't seem to gripe about it. They just keep doing what comes naturally and - life goes on.

Cactus bloom, in three stages of life



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