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Jul 15, 2011

Design of a Door, Lombardia Italy

I love the doors in Italy, their form, their engravings, the beauty of the marble or stone thresholds, the size. I can go on and in this blog, I've posted so many photos of doors that caught my eye. This one is not one that captivated me for it's aesthetic, but for its construction.

And then I learned that even doors can tell a story, almost like a person, such as the part of Italy that they are from or when they were "born". 

This door isn't crooked as you might think right off. It has a small hinge on the top and a large one below in order to create a door that self closes. The longer the iron hinge at the bottom, and the heavier the door, the faster that door will shut. This design runs as far back as the 1600's and is characteristic of the northern part of Italy.

The face itself, with the curved corners places it in the Lombardy region and in fact, it belongs to the Church of Peter and Paul in Vilminore, a community close to Bergamo.

Some time ago I had wondered about the black lines that marred the faces of doors I'd seen in the south and learned the message it conveyed. Little did I realize that the door itself can tell a whole story on it's own...


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