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Jul 2, 2011

Chiesa San Rocco Miasino

A short drive from the shores of Lake Orta will bring you to this small village that boasts and enormous church. The Chiesa San Rocco in Miasino is one of the largest in the province and dates back to the 17th century. 

Well, it was re-constructed to the current baroque design by a milanese architect in the 17 century but was a romanesque church for a century before that. Although it was consecrated in 1648, the facade was not finished until 1933 by a local architect, Carlo Nigra. It was at his villa that the wedding reception took place.

Front of Chiesa San Rocco, Miasino; View toward the multicolored, marble altar.

Doorknob at the entrance:  Detail of wall engravings

Chiesa San Rocco's organ



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