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Jul 2, 2011

About Weddings and Miasino Italy


Walking around the cobble stoned streets like these in the town of Miasino, I noticed little purple butterflies hanging from many windows. At first I thought it was a baby announcement, but unless the lucky parents had twins....

These lovely little cards were hung around Miasino which lies above Lake Orta (about 479 m above sea level for those who want to know). Rossella and Raffaele were at that very moment celebrating at the Villa Nigra, a semi-secluded property that was situated behind this rusty gate. It's the ornate pillar work that caught my eye.

My friend's sister was recently wed and I learned that Italian weddings are not the affair as in America or even Britain where the bridesmaids are dressed alike with a color theme etc. We can really go all out to make a wedding a grand spectacle. Here, the bridesmaids or maid/matron of honor just come dressed up and even in a color of their choice. And, in the south, guests will more than likely all be dressed in formal black...a color I usually associate with, um, funerals and the end of life.

We just received a wedding invitation for A's cousin, and it arrived in a regular size 10 envelope, nothing fancy. Nothing wrong at all with it but it did make me realize how weddings in the States have become big business for many and it's no surprise that it is a drain on many a pocketbook. 

Well, since I wasn't invited to R and R's wedding I can only guess at where they tied the knot. Either at the imposing Chiesa San Rocco which is just a short walk away from the Villa Nigra.....,

It's this awesome church that created my desire to see Miasino. I mean, wouldn't you want to check it out too if this commanded your attention as you rounded the curve?
Photo by Marco Ferrari...Panoramio

.....or the Castello di Miasino a short drive away. Entrance is by appointment only so I didn't see it in person. Maybe one day.



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