Visit to Vienna Austria Part 1 ~ Romancing Italy

May 24, 2011

Visit to Vienna Austria Part 1

I love the fact that travel from one country to another is quite easy especially if you plan ahead so we made plans for a weekend trip to....  VIENNA!!!!

St. Stephens Church roof mosaic, Vienna

The Beginning and End

Romanesque & Gothic architecture in the heart of Vienna 
On arrival at Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien as it is called in German) the plane taxied to a stop where a bus was to come to transport us from the runway to the gate. We lined up to exit the plane only to hear the following announcement after waiting several minutes for the door to open. "Welcome to Vienna International. We ask you to wait patiently for a few more minutes as, (pause) unfortunately the stairs are missing. The good news is that your bus is already here....We hope you enjoy your stay in Vienna."

At the end of the weekend, we were taking the metro back to the train station. The moment we sat, waiting for its arrival, an announcement over the speaker emptied the station. I asked a passer-by to translate and she said the line was being closed so travelers had to find another method of transport. At least at this last moment we had a lot of cushion to find a new way to the airport.

Our lives without a doubt have an effect on the others we come in contact with whether we see it or not. I think this metro mishap put us in a time frame where we were lucky enough to actually see our impact.

At the train station buying our tickets at a machine, we waited behind a father and daughter. As we were inputting our selection, we noticed a ticket dropped out of the machine. It was for the airport and we thought we were rather lucky. Just as we were about to finish, A noticed the same man coming back to buy yet another ticket and he realized the one that had miraculously appeared for us, really belonged to this man but had been stuck. They were one ticket short. Thanks to the Italian/German language barrier, A almost had to knock the man aside in order to give the ticket back.

At the automated check-in for our flight, I didn't notice that our seats were not together. As we were dropping off our luggage for cargo, the attendant asked us "Don't you want to sit together?" Well of course we did - so he changed our seats which put us in the very front of the plane.

In line for security, I noticed a man who came up in a hurry, looking anxiously ahead at the line in front of him. I asked him when his flight was leaving guessing it was probably the one one the screen that was currently boarding. "Now" was the answer that came back. I let him in front of me and so did a whole lot of other people. I hope he made it in time.

And waiting on the plane for take-off, a man raced against the tide to mutter unintelligible Italian to the Viennese stewardess. She asked A (we were seated in the front row) if he spoke English and he offered me up instead as he STILL hasn't learnt any english. The man had forgotten his back-pack in the waiting room and was trying to explain this to the attendant. It was nice to be useful - and he got his bag back. A and I got this as a thank-you.

Most of the time, I am not aware enough, or open enough, or bold enough to step up to help others but I see the willingness in A.  And as a result, I got the hugest blessing today for being in his company. I hope I will be more "available" in the future.


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