Old Wives' Tale for allergy relief? ~ Romancing Italy

May 7, 2011

Old Wives' Tale for allergy relief?

Perhaps you've heard of some of these Old Wives' Tales...

"Those who go swimming less than one hour after eating will get a cramp and drown." or
"Earthquakes are most likely to happen when the weather is hot and dry." If that were true....hmmm,
or how about "Fruits or vegetables canned by a menstruating woman will spoil in the can."

I came back to Italy when everything was in bloom. Beautiful to behold, but for my allergies, there is that something out there during the spring season that leaves me puffy-eyed, sniffing, sneezing and coughing.  

Front fence wisteria but not the culprit
Pansies that sprouted from last year's planting.
There is one thing that I have come to respect since I've been here - when someone from a generation or two ago suggests a cure for something, there is usually some degree of success behind it. So when my friend's mom mentioned that she always prepared quails eggs for her son, who she (years ago) discovered doing his homework with tissue stuffed in his nose, I had them on my table that night.



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