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May 30, 2011

The Kindle 3 G, a Sanity Saver

I love to read and seeing I live in an area where English books are rare, and finding a selection even rarer, I decided to get an e-reader. I chose the Kindle with the 3G version so I can download wherever I am without having to have an internet connection. There are other versions to choose from but since this works globally, there really was no doubt which one I'd choose.

I thought I'd be making a compromise because I LOVE to hold a book in my hands and turn the pages, but the lazy me is very content to lie on my side in bed and just push a button for the following page. It's very light and fits easily into my purse. Highlighting is great because I don't have to find the right page where I made a note. All the notes and highlights are listed in another section, that pops me back onto the right page when I click on it. Nice for research.

The built in dictionary is really helping my vocab, although I doubt the words I look up are ones I am going to use in my everyday speech. Oh I forget, I'd have to translate it again into Italian to impress anyone and that extra step is not going to happen.

I've downloaded several books to queue up, just like how I have the real ones sitting on my shelf. It's so easy to get a book now I run the risk of buying more than I can read in a lifetime. The selection in so many categories is quite large and deliciously enticing.

So, for friends who have asked about the Kindle, I say it's worth it, especially for travelers or ex-pats. It keeps you in touch with your own world and for book lovers stuck in a corner where you don't know if and when your mail will arrive, the "Mail Conspiracy", it surely is a sanity saver.


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