~ Romancing Italy

May 31, 2011

I wrote about the new addition to my book family, the Kindle, which of course is not really a book, but brings all kinds of wonderful books to my fingertips within seconds - okay, minutes. I know it's selfish, that I don't love the Kindle for itself but for what it can do for me, but oh well....it's not a person.

Which brings me to the book I am reading now, "Italy since 1945". Seeing that I adore this country, I thought I'd find out more about it's evolution. I've already read "The Dark Heart of Italy" to get a view of, well, dark side that we hear about - the mafia, the corruption - that covered more recent times. "Italy since 1945" looks at Italy since it's involvement in World War 2 (another subject that I like).

It is well written (meaning the author is not boring) and for me, the information is something that I am soaking up. The impact of the war and the subsequent changes are what made the Italy I am living in today and that really makes history come alive.




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