Feb 18, 2011

A Visit to Bergamo Lombardia

Bergamo, the town of two centers - with the medieval hilltop "Città alta" or upper city and of course, "Città bassa". Bergamo's historic upper city, surrounded by 17th century Venetian walls, was the obvious draw for me and easily accessible by a cable car. 

Since a friend was visiting, the bar at the top of the lift was a great place to hang out for a chat over a coffee with a view of the lower city. I of course use the phrase loosely "chat over a coffee". My spontaneous friend Julia chatted with me on a Tuesday evening and on the following Friday was in Bergamo, thanks to RyanAir fares. 

Upper City




There is a reason why this street is called Mercato delle scarpe - because once upon a time merchants selling lots and lots of shoes filled the square and beyond. Must have been heaven.Today, there are stores of all kinds to keep one's eyes off the cobblestones.

Piazza Vecchia

Library Angelo Mai and the detail of the Fountain at Piazza Vecchia.

On the outside

One of the portals to the center
An awesome place to kiss