A Glimpse of Montepulciano ~ Romancing Italy

Nov 2, 2010

A Glimpse of Montepulciano

At the beginning of October, my good friend Mary came for a short visit. It was too short for me and it seems like ages ago that she was here.

In no particular order, here are photos that cover our mad cap trip around Italy.

Of course, with all the good memories of this place, I had to take Mary there and we again stayed at La Casetta just outside of the town. We walked around town around lunch time which explains the very empty streets.

This must be the Montepulciano landmark, which looks like a cat, bird and human all at once.

Streets like this, without or without crowds are so attractive to me.

The sculptures above the church door that caught my attention as Mary visited the nearby ATM.

I'd be just fine with a teeny, tiny balcony if I had a surround like this but my preference is still for an ancient arch. Yes, yes, I keep on talking about doors.



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