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Nov 30, 2010

The churches around Cellio, Vercelli

A couple years ago we took the dogs for a nice long walk and found ourselves at a church sitting among the trees on top of the hill. I thought I'd take Tala there as there were several trails leading away from the church; the only difference this time, I didn't want to walk there. I had the brilliant idea of driving her to the top and THEN we'd walk around.

Pity I couldn't remember the name of the little church. Nor did I know which road to take. And so began a discovery of churches splattered around Cellio.

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My first stop was Breia, followed the road toward Vignallo and ended up passing Fronto and off the map to Valduggia. A sucker for punishment, (and wisely filling up the tank), I headed back into the maze of narrow asphalt, looking for a church on a hill. Well, I found a lot of them, alright. I passed back through Agua, to Cellio and again past to Carega and Allera. 

The first church I came across at Breia
A close up of the Breia church entrance


Across the street from the church entrance, overlooking the valley

The road leading out the other side of the town.
I decided to NOT go through and parked the car to walk.

View from the other side of town



Town laundry in Breia, once upon a time
View of the church at Cellio from Breia
 Church on the other side of Cellio, near Agua

An Italian two way street in Carega. I did NOT drive through here either.

Church at Carega, just below Cellio.

On the other side of the valley, I headed to Parco Monte Fenera where I knew of another trail, but stopped along the curvy, windy road to explore another snow covered path that I'd seen. It led to nowhere so I turned back, only to come face to face with these curious buggers.

After several hours driving around, looking for the road that would lead to that elusive retreat, I returned home and later asked A where we had gone for that walk. It turns out, if I'd continued through that narrow road past the very first church I'd visited at Breia, I would have found the little chiesa di San Bernardo.

Next time. 



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