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Aug 1, 2010

Stories of Slovenia

It started on the coastal town of Portoroz with a small stand that brought back memories of my childhood as it blared the music "Eres Tu" on the street. Photo taken minutes before a thunderstorm.

I then visited Piran, seen here. before heading for the hills.

On the way up to the mountains, I took a short detour underground, to Postojnska caves. A train, similar to the ones on roller coasters, takes visitors for a part of the 5 km tour. Very fascinating place, especially the large cave with the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. (Sorry no photo as my trigger finger was not ready)


Along the road to Kamnik, I saw this house, but to be honest, it isn't one that seems to say "happy". Interesting though.


View from my room in Kamnik, the day I arrived....and the day after. Seems like bad weather is following me.

Where I stayed in Kamnik. There is a bar on the ground floor and rooms above it. I lost count of the number of bars there were in this small town. Lacked restaurants though. Another interesting building on the right, a bar of course.


A morning at Snovik of the many that can be found around the eastern part of Slovenia. This one was small, but the closest to Kamnik. Had an incredible Chinese massage where I was kneaded like bread dough, ironed out like a sheet and then flipped as when you toss a sheet over a bed. It was amazing!

Typical church steeple.


I ordered a cake, then went to the bathroom. When I came back to the table, that was outside, I found my unattended cake sitting alone on my table, with an increasing number of flies coming to visit. How many of them landed on it, I don't want to know, especially after perhaps landing on this proud village inhabitant ...and who knows what else.

The island at Bled. There is a better view of it from above but I didn't take the time to go up higher.

Heading to the Julian Alps and stopped for barley soup with sausage at this mountain restaurant.


At Bovec Pass (1611m) along Route 206 with several types of transport. See the clouds?


My favorite sight.  I missed lovely Italy. I may joke about the million round-a-bouts they make, but in a country like Slovenia where the road itself is incredibly uneven, it's not that safe to do a U-turn on a motorbike. I also missed the service at gas stations; it's all self service in Slovenia. And then the food, there is absolutely no comparison. I am spoiled.


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