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Aug 23, 2010

Baptism at Bivongi

I've had another "first" in Italy...attending a baptism. A's brother chose this vacation, with the natural migration of family that comes with the month of August, to mark this milestone in his son's life.

On Saturday afternoon, we gathered at the church doors and waited for the priest. He was late. A's sister and her son were honored with the responsibility of being godparents and when the service began, the four of them, along with a very good natured baby, sat in the front pew.

The time slowed to a crawl as the priest slowly read the service from a book, his monotone inviting me to allow my thoughts to wander. Considering the event, scenes from The Godfather came to mind, when Pacino's revenge played itself out during the ceremony of the holy ritual.

I was bored, nothing spontaneous, sincere or warm about the whole service. I did note that the Catholic church has changed a LOT. Our gathering of people could not be more offensive to the church's standards; the father of the baby is separated from his wife and not even yet divorced and the godmother is divorced.

There was a time when the Church was very particular about it's congregation and we would not have been able to enter. On the other hand, the other attendees in church were there to celebrate 50 wonderful years of marriage for one elderly couple.


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