At the beach at Riace Marina ~ Romancing Italy

Aug 12, 2010

At the beach at Riace Marina

It's raining in Borgosesia, but I don't care now. I am absorbing the hot Calabrian sun and letting myself succumb to afternoons of laziness. My day starts early as Tala and I walk to the beach to enjoy a private frolic before the crowds arrive. Not everyone is open to dogs on the beach.

Today was's the most appropriate word that comes to mind as I overheard two people use the Italian version 'stupenda' to describe the silky smooth warm water. During the early morning hours without any breeze to speak of, the sea transformed itself into an enormous pool, lined at the bottom with the smooth pebbles that come and go with the tides. The water is crystal clear from up close, but a vibrant blue from our balcony. Reluctant to leave the water, I let Tala have an unusual freedom to roam as she liked. She chose to leap in after me and swim, a little fluffy black lab turned to scrawny water rat.

Almost two hours later, I ran my fingers through the underwater pebbles one more time, chose a translucent white one and then headed back to the car as an older couple made their way to the beach. If tomorrow turns out like today, I will be spoilt forever.


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