Three women and the Italian Osteria ~ Romancing Italy

Jul 25, 2010

Three women and the Italian Osteria

I left Padova along the surface streets and passed villa after beautiful villa. A ferry and other private boats were parked along the canal. I would have liked to stop again in Venice, but this trip was about getting to Slovenia.

I stopped at an Osteria or Cantina along the road for lunch....and for the first time since being here in Italy, experienced Italian rudeness. I sat at a table outside and waited for someone to take my order. A family arrived minutes later and within seconds, the server came to their table...but not mine. I ignored A's tongue in cheek advice to break something to draw attention and went inside to place my order.

The young woman at the bar asked me what I wanted and when I told her, she seemed to freeze, then mumbled something without looking at me. I got the impression I'd have to wait outside, but pushed my luck to ask for a glass for the bottle of water I pulled from the fridge. She froze once more and again without looking at me, mumbled some other mumbo jumbo....then walked away.

I walked back to my table somewhat sure that I'd not be seeing any food anytime soon, but thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. No-one came. I drank my water and should have just plain left, but I thought I'd better pay. The three women working the counter ignored me, then chatted amongst themselves about some other customer who'd just left. One walked PAST me to go back to the tables, the young one didn't even come near me. I addressed the third one as she was walking past with "I'd like to pay" and finally got attention.

I wasn't surprised then, when I stopped at a restaurant run and serviced by women from Croatia, that one of them out of the blue said that she'd come to Italy thinking it was more open minded but sadly found that it was not. With neighbors like the three at the Osteria, I can understand her feelings.


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