Getting Away ~ Romancing Italy

Jul 27, 2010

Getting Away

Since coming back from the States in February, it seems life has picked up pace consistently over the months, May being the most hectic. June let up a bit and July has finally wound down to practically zero. The holidays are coming along. I decided to take a trip before our annual Calabrian jaunt. I wanted to get away from the daily routine, the weather, the language...the norm.

I like the feel of being in a foreign country finding my way around. So I decided to go to Slovenia, close enough but foreign enough to take care of this itch. (As a short side note, I found a lastminute ticket to Turkey and bought it through the website to leave the next day. At the AIRPORT, I was told the ticket was not paid for and I would have to pay for the ticket at the airline counter. The cost of the ticket alone cost more than the whole trip with hotel. I decided to cancel the trip and A drove all the way back to pick me up again)

I haven't downloaded photos yet, but just wanted to note one thing. My first stop in Slovenia, at the coast, the furthest from Italy, I was sitting in the dining room, on a rainy evening, listening to at least four families chatting away in their native Italian. The next morning I was back on my motorbike and headed way inland. I am now in Kamnik and am surrounded by the white noise of a foreign language and I love it.


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