Entering Slovenia from Trieste ~ Romancing Italy

Jul 25, 2010

Entering Slovenia from Trieste

The Italian border was within reach, I just had to decide if I'd enter from Nova Gorica or from Trieste. I chose the latter because I was curious to know what it was like. The coastal street was lined with cars, probably a regular Sunday event in the summer. At most places, there was a healthy hike to the beach below.

I stopped long enough in town itself for gas and then continued to the border. Fortunately, I stopped to buy a map for Slovenia and discovered I had to puchase a permit for the length of my stay. €7.50 for a motorbike for a week.

No border control since Slovenia is a part of the EU so I rode right through. This reminds me of the Swiss / Italian border where there are guards who basically wave motorbikes through - no check. Even better, at lunch time when tummies are more important that border checks, there's no one to be seen at the check point.

My curiosity kept me going toward the coast even if I was to go the other direction. Just as well, because I'd had my eye on a very heavy looking gray cloud that was hovering overhead. I randomly chose a hotel, the Marco Hotel.

Reception must have had a sick sense of humor: he gave me the parking pass for the underground garage. It was a trick trying to open the garage door after I'd passed the remote sensor and the road was in a steep decline. I bet they had video cameras focused on the gate and were watching for entertainment. Have you ever tried to park a bike that is pointing downhill?

Portoroz was 'perfect' for me with Casinos, a million people on the beach and noise, noise, noise. A thunderstorm gave it a 'like back home' appeal and I was drenched in a few short steps. Dinner at the hotel, because I wasn't a-goin' back out in the rain, was more of a back at home feel with every table occupied by Italians.

It seems like I didn't get far enough away.


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