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Jun 26, 2010

Today I am taking a moment to relish the quiet, to listen to the finches sing and let Tala rest until this afternoon. The world seems unusually still, no breeze, no movement, just sound. Now the church bells, ringing out the new hour, have joined the birds song. It's nice.

My neighbors will be celebrating their sons' wedding today. Arturo, or Atuo as his wife calls him (she has trouble with the "r's" came by to chat the other day and it seems an old Italian tradition will continue for them. The newlyweds will come to live in their house. It's a big house so fortunately there will be a lot of space for everyone. And there are separate entrances. Still, I can't imagine living with that kind of arrangement.

Tango is going better than expected. I enjoy the lessons and lo and behold, the teachers are planning an exhibition and milonga in Borgosesia at the end of July. So those lovely shoes I bought in Sardegna won't waste away in the closet.

Speaking of shoes, I think my friend Anne might remember these shoes. They have been with me for so many years and will probably last the rest of my lifetime, that is, unless they don't again fall prey to canine version of Jaws. My plants are being constantly pruned back and in one section she has begun her search for an underground path to China. I get a little worried when she greets me at the gate with her little nose dusted in brown dirt.

Today we are heading out for a trek to the village of Otro, above Alagna, a marvelous hike uphill that will burn off all excess puppy energy and turn unused legs to rubber. I think rolling back downhill might be in order.

The refugio at Otro. I wonder if they will accept little dogs...



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