The Sesia, Switzerland, and ~ Romancing Italy

Jun 27, 2010

The Sesia, Switzerland, and

"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. It's the end you're after." Anthony Robbins

If the outcome I was after was to enjoy this weekend, then I succeeded more than I can imagine, but not with the plans I had. Being flexible was truly the ticket. 

We didn't make it to the mountain village of Otro on Saturday, but instead, spent a lazy day at home before taking the little black ball of fur to the Sesia river along with A's Macchia. Now, not too long ago, the aging Macchia was systematically attacked by a very playful Tala who was rewarded for her efforts with a growling and angry Macchia standing over her. From Tala's cries, one would have thought Macchia was killing her. But it was a necessary lesson for a too exuberant pup, who now, was not happy to be in the same cage with her "teacher". She whimpered all the way to the river... and back. And Macchia didn't care


We waded, tossed a small puppy into the water to have her swim, and skinny dipped. We returned in time to watch the US lose to Ghana in the World Cup Soccer match. I'd already watched Italy fail to advance and really wanted the US to continue. However, I made sure to comment that at least the US made it further than Italy! hehehehe

Today was exceptional. There was an exhibition of all Motor Guzzi bikes in the Borgorsesia piazza and  arrived in time to look them over before they left en mass for lunch in Varallo. We instead, rode to the Swiss border for lunch at Sempione Pass before heading back to give Tala yet another chance to swim in the river. For a lab, she's not all that excited to get in the freezing water, but will do it after much complaining just to be near me. 

What I will remember from today won't be the fact that the sign for the Moto Guzzi Day only had the date, no time, yet the square was crowded with bikes and admirers, the important details passed along by word of mouth. A small town thing no doubt. Nor that there was a woman with the longest legs, the shortest pants and the highest heels and a reputation that preceded her. But that when we crossed the Italian/Swiss border a little after noon, there wasn't a single patrol in sight. All out to lunch. An Italian thing no doubt.



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