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Jun 15, 2010

The rain will not end. It is JUNE and we've hardly seen the sun and I am thinking perhaps it's time to haul out the wood again for a crackling fire. What weird weather. Oh, it's like that HERE, because it's fricking blazing hot almost everywhere else.

Sardegna on the last weekend of May was also struggling to find the sun, which means I didn't really get to see the amazing beaches that are so talked about. This one at Stintino, lucky we stopped there first on our way to Alghero, is an example, but hearsay claims that the beaches toward the south of the island are even more enticing.

The motorbike ahead of us was also on the ferry over. Turns out the man was a work acquaintance and he unfortunately was going to the same place as us...Alghero. He wanted to spend time with us, on the bike, at dinner, at the shows...I wasn't a very happy camper. 
That little dark speck in the water is a woman walking...way out there. 
This could be Wilma and Lenard on their cat, if only they would come here...hint hint. I think one could walk up to the boat...maybe these random women did just that.

I was hoping to see this...sheep crossing the road. That's their caretaker looking back at us and I didn't take a photo, but shepherds don't seem to walk with their herd anymore...they follow slowly in the comfort of their car

Coming into Alghero, where I was to have my tango lessons. The outline of the old city near the harbor, one of the bastion towers inland and another along the shoreline...they once protected the city. 

We hastily dropped our stuff at the apartment and went in search for food, the place for me to register and for information on the tango show that night. Not only did I get all that, but I laid my eyes on a pair of dance shoes that begged to come away with me.....


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