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May 26, 2010

Sticks, Stones, Biscuits and Bones

May has been unbelievably busy and I haven't written or visited anyone for practically the entire month. This post is one of the reasons why I have been occupied. The time I usually spent online, I am now spending with this little one.

Why does she look like a scrawny little rat? Because we went for a walk with Argo and as A took hold of Argo to toss him into a pond, Argo's protesting legs gathered up the little one and took her over the edge with him. It was her first flight and her first bath. But we know now that she is a very good swimmer.

Choosing a name was not easy and I got a lot of good suggestions. In the end, I used Lee's idea of the hat full of names I liked and out of it came "Tala". It is a two syllable word so it's easy to yell out when she is eating my plants. It's Native American for 'wolf' which has been one of my favorite wild animals and appropriate as she "wolfs" down her food. And since A's nickname for me is Pocahontes, it seems right the lot fell to a Sioux name. I like that the wolf represents our instinctive nature that is wild and natural. We'll see if she lives up to her name. Oh, if you read this Bob, as cute as Piy would be, I couldn't think of her living up to her name and becoming dessert.

Gone are the days of sleeping in a little late. Now I am out for walks in the woods, crossing streams and scrambling up hills before it's even 7:30am. And in the evenings, when I could be sitting comfortably on the sofa with my computer, I'm out playing tug o'war with an insistent adversary.

And the title refers to all the things she eats or tries to eat.

Before I go tonight, Tala sends a "woof, woof, sniff, sniff" to Simi in Sicily.


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