Sea, Sun and Tango! Sardegna here we come! ~ Romancing Italy

May 27, 2010

Sea, Sun and Tango! Sardegna here we come!

Imagine's been raining. And today, we are going to pack up the big bike and head off to rain. Who'da guessed the end of May would be so wet.

Well, the weekend jaunt includes lots of sunshine on Sardenian beaches, tango only for me as A doesn't dance and a brief tour of the island. Nice...for I look around and absorb the island beauty. For A, I'm told he'll have to be using an eagle eye to watch out for the million potholes that pucker the road and the occasional sheep that thinks asphalt is edible.

And then there will be Paolo, an online acquaintance that has become a friendship and who will also be there to twirl me around the dance floor and I am make me laugh. Paolo don't forget to tell me the story of your Argentinian dance shoes.

This weekend plans are certainly a great way to end the May madness. So glad it's finally arrived. Rain or not, it's going to be a BLAST!!!!!


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