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May 1, 2010

Italian law and your dog.

Some time ago we made arrangements to add a new puppy to our household...a black lab. Seeing it was only 10 days old at the time, I understood I would have to wait until it was the right time for it to leave its mamma. By the way, don't know if I mentioned that black labs are not popular over here. The light color labs are "it".

I just asked about it (haven't seen it, and don't know if it will be a male or female) because, well, I'd like to have it before it gets too big. Puppies are adorable and I'd like to enjoy the puppyhood and train it myself.

Well, I just learned that over here, they have to put a microchip in each and every dog. And then when someone buys or takes possession of the dog, they have to do a transfer of ownership...which I am sure you have to pay for. Why do things have to become complicated?

Before the microchip solution, Italian law required that dogs were tattooed on their bodies and on their ear. Instead of this method, they can now have the microchip injected by a vet, who issues ID papers which then allows one to register the pet. A dog has to be registered 45 days after birth or 10 days after getting it. This applies to all dogs, pure breeds and mixes alike.

So I continue to wait....


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