~ Romancing Italy

May 12, 2010

It was raining a little during the day, what we call drizzle, but it was enough to keep Sunday strollers out of the town center. We threw on our rain jackets and headed out because there was to be a motorbike exhibition at 6pm in the main square.

We were disappointed to see that the show was already underway and after a mere 20 minutes or so, they wrapped it up. The culprit? This blasted weather. They decided to begin sooner than advertised as they feared the unstable weather would scare off the few people who turned out.

Here's a couple of shots of what some sick people can do on a bike.

I had no idea what was coming so I wasn't ready for him. Look up in the trees for the flying red.

And when not catching major air...they are slowly "walking" down stairs and hopping back up while on their bike. If you notice, there is no seat, so no "worries".

If I ever figure out why I can't download my videos, I'll post one of those later. And no, I don't endeavor to do any of these things. I am happy to have both wheels on the ground at the same time.


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