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Apr 5, 2010

Yesterday we headed out to celebrate Pasqua, Easter, at a restaurant about 2.5 hours away. We chose it for the setting as the Monferrato area is known for its beautiful hills and generous sprinkling of castles. Unfortunately, the landscape was obliterated by a crystal wall of water and finally with a soft white mist. It was apparent there would be no view and no need for a camera.

We arrived at i Tre Poggi and settled at a table near the heater. We gazed out the floor length windows onto a gravel courtyard with an old olive that stood near the center. Framing the courtyard was a wooden path that led to the agriturismo's rooms and off on a tangent to a pool with a view of the valley below. 

I liked the feel of the place: wood, stone and iron elements always appeal to me. A and I had had a debate as to what material was used to build the upper balcony. He said it was cement painted to look like wood, but it had the grain and knots in it that I didn't believe him. It was too real to be cement.  
The owner, Massimo Argonauta, came by our table at one point and in addition to the casual conversation asked us what we had been looking at (at the ceiling). A was right. Of course.

Lunch was magnificent. I ate everything except the risotto which I don't like anyway. Lunch started with an aperitivo, then carpaccio (raw meat) and robiola (cheese), risotto with bacon and creamed onions, lamb chops with a side of potatoes. It was all washed down with i Tre Poggi's own wine, Freisa d'Asti and the dessert of apple parfait was followed by a sweet moscato. Absolutely delicious.

Here is that awesome pool at the side of the building. There is also a spa center on the ground floor that also looks out on the valley.

We are ready to go back although on a day when the weather cooperates a bit more...no alot more!

(All photos taken from the i Tre Poggi website)


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