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Apr 24, 2010

Old Town Masserano Italy

It never is a good idea to go to an old medieval town at lunch time. It will inevitably be deserted. With the grey skies as a background, it had an even sorrier feel, a world crumbling, fading and abandoned. I still find it attractive though.

This old complex, one end abandoned, and the other still occupied, sported a sun-dial on its wall. Restored, but still evidence of a time gone by. The chimney top is rather charming, a work of art to demonstrate an artisans hand and decorate a what would otherwise be a boring rooftop.


A's daughter had not been to Masserano before, and I doubt to any medieval town. It was wonderful to hear her gasp in surprise at discovering how low the arches had been made. Borgosesia has been transformed into a newer town and all the old has been stripped away so this was a new experience for her.

Talk about detail...on the railing as well as the door. 

The main square in the old town.


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