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Apr 19, 2010

Life is Crrrrrazeeeee, but good

It's been crazy here lately and I am hardly at home, hardly plunking away at the keys to leave messages and keeping in touch. Not writing one single bit it seems. I'm bummed. Life sometimes picks up speed and if your legs don't abituate soon enough, everything gets rather messy.

I decided to buy some bath foam to relax in the you can guess, my legs didn't keep up the beat.

For those of you who know I am waiting for a little black puppy to join the family ranks...I am still waiting.
I haven't written a single word more on the story I was writing, which is a shame.
I have been creative and made an outdoor cushion for a seat outside...waiting for summery weather to stick around.
I did go to Masserano and have photos to show. It was a bleaky day so I don't know that they show really well, but that is to come. And as is the case these days, I am in a rush and took a moment just to throw out a blogger greeting to all and to say I'm still alive.

That's all for now.


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