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Apr 12, 2010

Candelo, one of Italy's most beautiful villages...

Candelo, noted as one of the 100 most beautiful Italian villages, happens to be "just around the corner" from where I live. I decided to drive the hour or so to find it and see for myself. That view has to count for something.

At first I thought they'd hidden the old center - I saw only one sign and nothing more. I passed condominiums, and other modern buildings, several churches, and must have toured almost all the streets before turning down a narrow one way and suddenly, I knew I'd arrived. It would have helped if I knew what the word "Ricetto" meant but it doesn't show up in my dictionary!

Anyway, the Ricetto is a walled medieval village, at least it once was. Now it is under various stages of restoration and during the summer, the doors are flung open to invite tourists to part with their cash in exchange for goods...wooden, ceramic, crocheted..all hand made.

It is also known for a marvelous display of flowers at the end of May that completely transforms the cold, monotonous gray into vibrant life. From the 22 of May through June 2, this old stone medieval village will metamorphose. So these photos will not do it justice...

Left: The entrance, from inside the courtyard
Right: Enoteca just at the entrance. I was tempted to buy a bottle but forgot to stop on my way out.

Left: The walk along the far wall. Deserted
Right: An optimist has his wares out for sale.

Me an my door fetish. These are some really short doors!

Proof that I wasn't the only one there. 

I told A that I was a little disappointed and he said I should go to Masserano, which is  a couple of towns over from Candelo. You KNOW I am going to go back and see what Masserano is all about.



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