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Apr 3, 2010

And then there were Three

There is a new dog in the family, a setter of 8 months, an uncoordinated mass of fur and boundless energy. Furio has come to join us as A's new hunting partner. Argo just doesn't have the interest and Macchia has put in a good 15 years of an awesome partnership and it is time to retire.

Here is Furio, running like there is no tomorrow behind A.

All that running makes a little dog thirsty, very thirsty.

Seems like a good time for a swim too.

Getting in was easy, getting out was another story. Furio did not succeed in getting out here; he slipped back in and yelped and struggled to get over the rock instead of going around it. He's just a baby yet.

A fox-hole, just one of the many holes joining the tunnels burrowed everywhere. April is the time of year they have their cubs and since this hole is still being used, it is very likely the little ones were well hidden underground. We have a couple that live near the house and every so often we throw out left overs for them. In winter, I'm sure they don't mind the freebies.


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