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Mar 29, 2010

I can't help but compare things between America and Italy. It usually occurs of course, when I find myself thinking something should happen in a certain way and it doesn't. What am I talking about?

Okay, for instance, A was buying a magazine for which he has a subscription and I asked why. He said it didn't arrive in the mail. Naturally, I wondered why he didn't call the company and tell them it didn't arrive and have a replacement sent. Apparently he has had this problem in the past and they just tell him it's been mailed, end of subject. Tough luck. Ciao.

I know I've been able to call on my US subscriptions and Customer Service took care of of my problems. Either the missing issue was re-sent or the subscription was lengthened to make up for the lost month.

Then I realized what is really missing here...because this is not just an issue with magazines, but with service in general. Perhaps there is not enough competition to force companies to up their customer service levels, but service is definitely lacking.

What a strange thing, because once upon a time, service was paramount. As well as trust and working on an honor system. Personally I think that good service is being ruined by the introduction of the big companies, the large commercial centers and supermarkets. They don't HAVE to give good customer service because their one stop shopping offers a convenience that will draw people no matter what. Too bad.

I am one for convenience but I have this strong desire to go shopping at all the little stores instead. I like the personal attention and the customer service and I hate seeing the little businesses, that is so much a part of my image of Italy, go out of style.


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