Amici and America ~ Romancing Italy

Mar 16, 2010

Amici and America

I am almost in tears tonight. I am watching the transmission "Amici" which is a talent competition for both singers and dancers. It starts the season like a reality show where you see and hear all the behind the scenes commotion. I begin watching when the contestents are weened down to the final few and it's just the competition .

It's very much like American Idol where contestants are often noticed by recording companies and futures are made. On Amici, many a performers's dream materializes and just this moment, two dancers... two exceptional dancers...have been offered a year contract with a couple of American companies for the following year beginning in June. It's not even the finale tonight.

Both companies came to the show as guest company artists to perform with one of the dancers as they competed. At the end of their routines, the show made the announcement that Elena D'Amario and Stefano de Martino have been offered  contracts with the David Parsons Company and Desmond Richardson's Complexions respectively.

I can't help but feel happy that these two young people have had a helping hand to get ahead and continue with their hearts desire.


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