60th San Remo Music Festival 2010 ~ Romancing Italy

Mar 3, 2010

60th San Remo Music Festival 2010

This is my second year experiencing the popular San Remo Music Festival and I was propelled to attempt to understand the process better. Why? Because two of the three winners had been eliminated during the first two days of the competition!!! I guess only in Italy can two booted contestants find their way into the winner's circle.

The week following the competition you couldn't turn to a single channel without hearing something about the oddity of the winning three and the assumption that the show had been set-up. I just can't get over the fact that if a person is voted off, why are they allowed to continue competing?

The "winners" are:
1. Valerio Scanu with "Per tutte le volte che..." (For all the times that...)
2. Pupo, Emanuele Filiberto and Luca Canonici with "Italia amore mio" (Italy my love)
3. Marco Mengoni with "Credimi Ancora" (Believe in me still)

Valerio Scanu (eliminated in the second round but wins the title)

Pupo Filiberto and Canonici (eliminated in the first round but comes in second)
I can't find a video clip of their stage performance now. There are only parody after parody of this group's performance online. Italy is having fun at their expense! And some make it very obvious that a portion of the song copies the beginning bars of "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

Just about everyone considers Emanuele Filiberto to be an idiot or as they like to say here, un cretino. He is known as the Prince of Savoy, whose family had been exiled from Italy generations ago, who was allowed back into the country in 2002 and who has had the audacity to ask the State to pay him 90 million euro in financial damages for having suffered moral injustice during his exile). I like the sound of cretino, especially when you roll the "r" a lot.

The trio sings about believing in Italy, on working, in justice, tradition, believing in religion and Italy's culture, on ideals and how much Italy is their love.

Anyway, he can't sing for anything and in an interview after San Remo, he publicly announced that he will quit. Will he be a man of his word?

I think it is an interesting reaction on the part of the orchestra at the finale, that when the group announced as a finalist, the orchestra crumpled up their music sheets and threw them onstage.

Marco Mengoni (shame he wasn't just competing against the contestants, but against the powers that be)

Apparently after the third round, when Scanu sang his song as a duet with the very current and popular Alessandra Amoroso, he got voted back into the contest. Now who exactly were they voting for? Him, who is in the contest or her, who is the guest? But my question still remains, why was he even there on the third night.


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