A Day at Union Square ~ Romancing Italy

Feb 2, 2010

A Day at Union Square

I used to complain about being backward in Italy but (and I think I may have mentioned this before), my parents house in California rivals them in time travel. A year ago they didn't have DSL...today, they are still using dial-up service.

I am sitting at the library - one of my favorite places anyway, trying to get as much stuff done as possible before going back to the dark ages. So this will be short.

We made our way back up to San Francisco, a city that my mom fell in love with. The song is true apparently about leaving your heart here.

This is my smiling mom...something she does very easily and frequently.

We were sitting in the foyer of the Villa Florence near Union Square. You see, mom will not fly out to see me in Italy, so on our outing, I chose to stay somewhere with an Italian feel and close to where she wanted to be. I was very happy here and thankfully, they even stored an umbrella in the room for use. I took the photo of the curtains because for some reason we both seem fascinated, almost to point of stealing...curtains.

The next day, the sun was out for a fabulous day and mom stopped to check out the art in the park. 

The statue of Victoria to commemorate the victory under Admiral Dewey. "At the center of Union Square stands a tall column topped with a statue of Victoria, goddess of victory. The monument commemorates the victory of admiral Dewey in 1898 at Manila Bay during the Spanish - American war. (A View on Cities )

Powell Street cable car.

Okay, next weekend I am going to Washington to see a friend from eons ago. We'll see what life is like on the coast. I can't wait.


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