Milan Duomo ~ Romancing Italy

Jan 8, 2010

Milan Duomo

I've visited the Duomo several times so yesterday's trip was not really to see one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals and second largest Catholic cathedral in the world.

I took photos anyway before heading off to see what Milan shopping is like during this heavily discounted period. This is the time of year for big, big sales in several European cities. I don't know if my friend Mary knew this before our trip to France years ago, but I'd say we were lucky to be in Paris during this period. I ended up chucking some ugly sweaters (at her insistent prompting) so I'd have space for French curtains I bought. (Mary I still want to steal those curtains from that cottage where we stayed)

Anyway here are photos from the front face...

...of stories told in stone...

...or metal...

...statues with a burden...

...and then one statue that I hadn't noticed before. Looks familiar...but I don't know the story behind it. Anyone?



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