Italian Music: Ti Vorrei Sollevare ~ Romancing Italy

Jan 23, 2010

Italian Music: Ti Vorrei Sollevare

Only a week in "sunny" California and I am really missing Italy and A. Never mind that it is frickin' freezin' there right now. Here's a couple photos he sent recently of a morning when it didn't just turned the trees into an electrified white.

Bare fruit trees at the side of the house and my azalea plant.It's supposed to have PINK blooms

Here in Cal, I've been holed up indoors thanks to the torrential downpour that lasted for days, took out our electricity and had us bundled up inside in layers. My consolation is listening to the music that pulls me nearer where my heart is...Italy and A who is there.

A popular song (Ti Vorrei Sollevare by Elisa) that I love came with me on my travels and I'll share it with you here. Maybe it's the video that makes me think of wild, jagged mountains, of winds that blow, not just as a caress, but as if to sweep away troubles and cares, and giving a sense of freedom.

Hope you like it, even if you may not understand the words.



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