Death of a Car ~ Romancing Italy

Jan 28, 2010

Death of a Car

My dad offered to let me drive his car around while I am here...a '72 Buick station wagon, complete with wood paneling on the side. As you can imagine, I just couldn't wait....the words "This is my ride!!" were bursting forth from my lips. But, hey, wheels are wheels and I took it on the road.

And then this!!

It had a good run though, happily playing amongst the younger generation on the highway and feeling quite sprightly as it maxed out at 75mph. I played music from the Carpenters to make it feel even happier (yes, I know their songs).

We were on our way home when its little heart gave out, just 5 short miles from home. The prognosis was not good with no chance for revival so, the good ole' Buick was laid to rest today.

RIP old man.


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