Afternoon at Briones Regional Park ~ Romancing Italy

Jan 25, 2010

Afternoon at Briones Regional Park

One of my favorite parks in the East Bay is the Briones Regional Park. I've spent many hours on its hills alone and with friends, animal and human. This past weekend, I got to spend a few precious moments amongst the oaks and the wide open spaces.

It was the day between storms and perfect for a stroll in my old playground to break in a new pair of hiking shoes I bought.

I give rave reviews for comfort...the shoes didn't pinch, my arches didn't hurt and the waterproofing also amazingly repels mud as well.

I swear I dusted her back off before I got on. In future rides, I will not wear black fleece on a white horse. But boy, did I have fun.

We looked back over the hill behind us and saw this amazing cloud. 

Keepsake. She was kind enough to take a fly on her back.

This is the princesses mom, who has an itchy trigger finger.

That itchy finger took this awesome photo. I love, love, LOVE it. The light, the composition. Purty.

A walk your way to tranquility or whatever.

On the way home.


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