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Dec 19, 2009

Short, freezing walk in Borgosesia, Dec 2009

Chiesa di Sant'AntonioShort walk around Borgosesia

It's the day after Borgosesia's first snow fall with a temperature maxing out at 0C. Yet I still wanted to see what the town looked like in its winter clothes.

If you can believe it, after two years here, today is the first time I've walked around town other than the center. There is soooo much I've missed from driving around.

I was enchanted by this gate, its lines highlighted by the layer of snow. The gray and white was so pleasing combined, right along with that etching on the post. Aren't gates related to doors in some way? :-)

Right next to the gate stands this square house, that just happens to be for sale. I keep noticing "For Sale" signs because you can't imagine how much I'd love to have an old home over here.

The public garden, sitting opposite the St. Anthony's Church, and adorned with the somber WW2 memorial (commonly seen all over Italy), was recently transformed into a playground for children, complete with blowup slides and Santa's house.

Tomorrow the squares will again be filled with typical Valsesian crafts and also those made the "old way".


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