Milan Artisans Fair Dec 5 - 13 ~ Romancing Italy

Dec 11, 2009

Milan Artisans Fair Dec 5 - 13

How convenient to have the world at your feet. Well, the world of artisans in all different crafts. The enormous FieroMilano, the same building that hosted the Motor Show, opened its many doors to reveal the work of artists and vendors from around the world.

Two halls were dedicated to the craftsmen from Italy, another to those from other countries in Europe and yet another to the Orient (or "non European" as the US got thrown in there as well.)

Eco Living - House, Home, Recreation

Gives new meaning to sofabed
Modern solution for antique walls.
Eco-friendly boats
More "green" living included baths, doors, windows, insulation, everything a girl could want in a home.

Baubles and Beads, Xmas decor and...

Hundreds of booths were covered with all kinds of jewelry, most more organized than this one, but it is fun to look at and get a feeling of baudy extravagance.
There was a time I hunted for a clock with a European feel.
Winter Prep
The French piano that plays by itself. That's cheating!

International Food!!!! and...

Last three: Names written in Tibetian
Etching on Slate

...My pocketbook leaked and at the end of the day it was difficult navigating the crowded passageways without bumping bags with someone else. Next year I will shamelessly go with a suitcase in tow.

I bought the one on the left and afterwards saw the little red roof. Pity I didn't get both.

Left: I made the cushion on the right of the photo, which only meant I HAD to buy the tablecloth I found in "France".
Right: Spread from India.

Info also in English on the Artisans Fair in Milan



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