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Dec 25, 2009

The Italian Nativity Scene

Merry Christmas to YOU!!

My Italian day is almost spent. It has been a full day of family and food with lots of wine, coffee and more wine and after dinner drinks. One of the best gifts we can give our friends and family is the gift of our time; I think with the exception of one young man, A’s nephew, who was eager to get out on the town with his friends, the rest of us were content to linger for one more drink, one more serving of the canoli.

If the Christmas tree is a common feature in an American Christmas, the Nativity Scene is common in Italy. This photo is not the best presentation of the manger scene, but it was taken on Christmas Eve and there was not much time to go in search of some of the incredibly beautiful and complex models that end up on display.

What is missing?

And then on Christmas Day….

I didn’t know.


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