The Oldies but Goodies in Motorcycles ~ Romancing Italy

Nov 16, 2009

The Oldies but Goodies in Motorcycles

Vintage bikes and Wannabees: Triumph, Benelli and Royal Enfield.

There is something exhilarating about being on a motorbike, certainly as a passenger, but more so as the driver. With helmet laws, it's surely not about the wind blowing back your hair (!) although you'll see tons of riders in the south of Italy helmetless!!!!

Old bikes bring back another sense of freedom when I see them. So I was incredibly happy to see a number of the old models on display at the Milan Motorshow, as well as new bikes in retro style. These are the ones that caught my eye.


Left: Triumph Bonneville T100
Right: Triumph Scrambler Avirex
(Private owners - bikes on display)

Trivia: Benjamin Button rode the Silver-blue 650CC Triumph T110

New version of the T100


Two old Benelli bikes

These were behind glass and if you look carefully near the center, you'll see a ghostly reflection that is ME taking the photo.


Royal Enfield retro bikes. The Bullet

Trivia: Benjamin Button rode the 350CC RE Bullet when he was in India.

If I understood the Italian right, even the engineering seems to reflect the old times.

I had been dreaming (dreaming only) of a new bike, the BMW 800 is just my size. However, I am now fairly sure that the next bike I buy will be in the old style. Maybe that Royal Enfield, or the fabulous Guzzi .... or Triumph!!



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