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Nov 29, 2009

Milan Antique Market

Today was to be the big day...going to the Milan Antique Market. I dragged myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 6am on a Sunday morning and got ready for the hour drive to meet my friends and that is BEFORE getting on the train for another hour to Milan.

It was raining.

The four of them at the Novara station were laughing at me when they saw my umbrella, because it was dry, dry, dry in Novara. They weren't laughing anymore when we reached Milan and the sky was leaking...badly. They gave their business to the illegal vendors standing just inside the exits with an assortment of cheap umbrellas.

After a couple of hours walking in rain, avoiding puddles but realizing I was wearing the wrong type of boots and my feet were slowly draining white from the wet and cold, even I was no longer laughing. My consolation was that I was going to catch my death of a cold born from walking along the 12th century Naviglio Grande, the oldest canal in Milan.

All in all, it was a pleasant trip, with good conversation, excellent food, jokes and the discovery of a new place that I will definitely have to visit again.

The market sets up every last Sunday of the month along the streets just outside of the Pt. Genova FS Metro station. It usually runs from about 9am through until 2:30pm. There is a bit of everything, not just antiques and furniture but I'll admit my enthusiasm was substantially dulled by the weather. By 11am many of the vendors were already packing up for home. Can't blame them.

Venue: On the banks of the Naviglio Grande between Viale Gorizia and Via Valenza
Date: Last Sunday of every month (except July)



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