Happy Thanksgiving 2009 ~ Romancing Italy

Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

My friends back home are celebrating a four-day holiday in honor of Thanksgiving. You need four days to digest the amount of food that ends up on the table. I loved the combination of food that is typically seen at this time, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies.

I've never been fond of turkey but it was part and parcel of the whole celebration and it was always fun to watch people try to stuff a large turkey into a small pan to cook in the oven. (Except my vegetarian friends of course).

Well, well, well, since there are not an abundance of turkeys in the local market that I can whizz home to make, I thought I'd "settle" for quail or cornish hen. I didn't really think of what they ate in the Pilgrims time, but guess what....turkey was not on the menu.

According to the History website, wild fowl and venison was on the table which makes a lot of sense. So my little substitution will be just fine. I will still miss that cranberry sauce which is just not found here. (On a side note, neither does sour cream exist in Italy). But I intend to fill the table with a LOT of good stuff which will be my equivalent of saying "Thank you for all the good things life is offering me every single day"



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